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How to get the wall mounted tv and electric fireplace setup of your dreams

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Electric fireplaces have become even more popular in recent years due to some amazing benefits. These include how much space they save in comparison with wood or gas stoves, their long lifespan, the ease of installation, their heating efficiency, the amount of control you have over the heat output, their low cost, their practicality, and their versatility (which will allow you to find a variety of different styles, shapes, and sizes)!

A very popular design choice is the combination of a wall mounted TV and electric fireplace together on one wall. By having the electric fireplace and tv on the same wall, you create a great focal point for the room that looks incredibly modern, stylish, and chic.

Not only that – it’s extremely safe! Unlike other fireplaces options, electric fires don’t require a chimney and they dissipate their heat directly outwards. This makes them ideal fires to use in combination with a TV above, without any risk of the wall getting too hot for the TV.

It’s also convenient to get all of the electrics and wiring professionally fitted for your modern electric fireplace with tv above at the same time. That way you’re left with a clean wall free from obtrusive wires, enabling you to enjoy your TV and your fireplace at their best.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own space and looking to feature a traditional or contemporary electric fireplace with tv above, here are some options for you…

eReflex 135R eReflex 195R eReflex 105R

A wide fire like something from the Arteon, Ereflex, or iRange collections. Wide electric fireplaces are an excellent choice if you want to make a big statement with your feature wall. They also give you lots of space to work with above them – ideal for a wall-mounted TV.

Arteon 1250 Arteon 1000 Arteon 1500

They’re a great choice if you’ve got a wide wall or chimney breast to work with. They have all the impact of a large, gorgeous fireplace without all the added faff and mess of a more traditional wood-burning stove. While electric fireplaces don’t kick out as much heat as other fires, these wide ones are a great choice if you’ve got a large area to heat.

i890e i1500e Deep i1250e Deep

If you want something slightly more traditional, any of our smaller electric fires look like uncanny immitations of wood-burning stoves. Anything from our ACR and Gazco collections would be a fine choice. This means you’ll be able to get the look you want (and mount your TV above it) without worrying about the heat. These look ideal if you have a chimney space already but also look great stood alone against a wall.

gazca huntingdon 30 electric stove matt black acr malvern electric fire

At YSF, we install beautiful electric fireplaces across Yorkshire. Come and visit our showroom on Leeds Road in Huddersfield today! Or, if you’d rather us come to you, you can book a free home consultation.

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