Gazco Logic HE Wave

As well as benefiting from lower running costs compared to open-fronted gas fires, the Gazco Logic HE ‘Wave’ is capable of providing a high heat output of up to 4.54kW ensuring you’ll always have plenty of warmth in your room.

The latest in the Logic gas fires range, the Logic HE has a glass front and boasts the highest efficiency of all the Logic Fires at up to 89%. This inset gas fire is manually operated as standard with a choice of either coal or white stone fuel effects.

The Logic HE Wave’s fire box draws cool room air into the bottom of the convection chamber. The cool air is warmed as it passes over the hot surfaces of the chamber and the hot air is then emitted back into the room via the top convection slot. Maximum heat is radiated into the room via the virtually invisible glass front.

KW Output4
Conventional FlueYes
Balanced FlueYes
Nominal Output4.5kW