RAIS Viva L 100 Gas

Price: £4,410.00
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This stove stands out with its beautiful and gentle flames. This is true both of a smaller single flame and when the heat is turned up – an alluring, beautiful flame! The circular Viva L Gas exhibits elegant, streamlined characteristics: simple, smooth and beautiful. The very large window and large fire chamber allow for even more pleasure from the fire – and now it could not be easier: click on the remote-control or phone when you want to light or extinguish the fire. Or adjust the heat. In other words, you have a cosy fire – or plenty of heat – in just a few seconds. The stove connects to bottled gas or to a gas line. It burns very clean. You choose the height you want, i.e. 100, 120 or 160cm, and choose the colour and a series of other details – try all the different options here. Moreover, the stove controls the fire so you don’t have to adjust the air damper yourself – just enjoy the fire!

Product Details
Price: £4,410.00
Balanced FlueYes
Energy RatingA+
Nominal Output7kW