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Scandi Style: Choosing Scandinavian Contemporary Fireplace Designs

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Scandinavian design has a reputation for being clean, modern and minimalist, while still retaining the cosy charm that you want when you’re sitting by the fire. Something for you and your loved ones to gather around when things get chilly and something to make your space a stylish place you love spending time in.

One of the best things about the minimalism of Scandinavian-style fireplaces is that they look excellent paired with wall-mounted flat-screen televisions. If you’re considering contemporary fireplace designs with TV above, one of our Scandi stove brands could be exactly what you’re looking for.

rais brand stoves

Scandinavian-style fireplaces and wood burning stoves also make excellent statement pieces for almost any room, with both freestanding and built-in options to choose from. Built-in fires blend in exceptionally well with the room, especially when featuring the minimalist style so elegantly captured by Scandi designs. The way they make such a dramatic difference to a room without protruding into it at all makes them subtle, yet effective, and ideal for a modern fireplace TV wall (as mentioned above).

Free-standing stoves are a great option if you’re not looking for a full wall installation but want to enjoy the luxury that a fireplace can bring into a space. They’re not only a fantastic way to heat a room, but their chic style and aesthetic can truly make you feel like you’ve been transported to a cosy cabin in the Norwegian fjords.

At Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces, we offer two Scandinavian-style fireplace brands – Nordpeis and RAIS – both of which create high quality stoves and fires in gorgeous designs.

norpeis branded stoves

Nordpeis have specialised in traditional and contemporary wood burning stoves and fires for nearly 30 years. Their Norwegian contemporary designs are the perfect blend of modern heating technology and the traditional Scandi-style fireplace craftmanship that has kept Norwegians warm through chilly, snowy, winter nights. Nordpeis stoves are built with the environment in mind, and they burn to Ecodesign clean air quality standards at a high thermal efficiency.

Danish brand RAIS offer high quality Nordic-design wood burning stoves, gas stoves, and gas fires built to maximise cosiness. Passionate about ‘The Art of the Fire’, the designers at RAIS really aim to craft eye-catching stoves that not only bring warmth and comfort to your space, but that also look incredible too. Like Nordpeis, RAIS build their stoves to extremely high environmental and efficiency standards.

Whether you’re looking for a fully installed Scandinavian-style contemporary wall fireplace with TV or a traditional free standing stove, we’ve got a wide range of options to choose from to truly capture that Scandinavian ‘hygge’ vibe and transform your space into a warm, cosy, sophisticated paradise.

rais 2:1 with countryside views

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