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Stove Accessories

A stove or a fireplace is about more than a heat source. It’s about creating a place to gather, creating a ritual – the things that make a house a home. Whether that ritual is as simple as flicking a switch, or as involved as heading outdoors to chop wood in the fresh morning air, it’s something to celebrate.

Wood burners in particular require fuel that takes up space, and care to keep them in top working order. At Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces, we can provide everything you need alongside your new stove, from log stores to cleaning products.

Fireplace Tool Companion Sets

These companion sets include all of the fireplace tools you’ll need to keep your stove stoked and clean. A shovel, brush, poker and tongs sit on an elegant stand, ready for when you need to rearrange logs or clear out ash.


Stove Care Products

We stock a range of stove care products for keeping your stove in top condition. Stove polish keeps your cast iron stove looking good as new, even after consistent use.

Fire Guards and Spark Guards

Spark guards are most commonly used for open fires, to stop sparks landing on the carpet, and to keep ash and dust from drifting into the room. They also provide security and safety for any heating product, keeping young children and pets away from the hot surface.


Log Baskets

Many of our stoves feature built-in log stores, but this is not a universal feature. To avoid consistent trips out to the wood shed, a log basket can neatly store enough fuel to keep the home fires burning all day. Available in a range of styles.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about our stove accessories, or would like to place an order, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our team will be happy to help.