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At Yorkshire Stoves and Fireplaces, we are committed to giving you the best possible service throughout your installation.

Browse our gallery to see a range of projects both in progress, and after we’ve tidied everything up!

    stove installation
    Stove Installation

    wood burning stove installation
    Stove Installation

    A wood burning stove installed on a slate hearth.

    stove installation
    Stove Installation

    installation in progress
    Installation in Progress

    This is a fireplace during its build, you can also see the twinwall system is also being fitted on the outside of the house.

    stove installation on marble hearth
    Stove Installation

    This stove was installed on a marble hearth with a marble surround to finish.

    stove installation on a sandstone hearth
    Stove Installation

    This stove was installed on a sandstone hearth with a sandstone surround.

    stone fireplace installation
    Stove Installation in Huddersfield

    This is a stone fireplace we designed and built for a customer in Huddersfield. We supplied the labour and materials to build his stone chimney breast, then supplied and installed a twin wall flue system.

    installation before image
    Stove Installation

    This picture is taken before the installation of the stove on a stone hearth with a tiled back piece.

    gas fire installation
    Gas Fire Installation

    Chesneys stove installation
    Chesney’s stove installation in Leeds

    This is a recent installation we completed in Leeds. We supplied a bespoke hand carved stone fireplace, Chesney’s stove and flue liner. We designed the stone surround and made it to suit his chimney breast. The stone was quarried and carved locally in Yorkshire.

    chesneys salisbury wood burning stove
    Chesney’s salisbury wood burning stove

    This is a complete installation we did in Huddersfield. We removed the customers old gas fire and made the inglenook. The inglenook chamber is lined with fire board which the customer can then paint afterwards. We supplied, cut and installed the Yorkshire stone flags. Then installed the Chesney’s Salisbury wood burning stove and flue liner.

    chesneys ivory wood burning stove
    Chesney’s wood burning stove Bradford

    This is a lovely example of an ivory wood burning stove and how they really stand out in a dark opening. We knocked out the opening, cleaned up and re pointed the brick work. Supplied cut and installed the stone flags. Supplied a made to measure oak beam. Then supplied and installed a Chesney’s wood burning stove and flue liner.

    made to measure limestone fireplace
    Chesney’s inset stove and limestone fireplace

    Here we supplied a made to measure limestone fireplace and a Chesney’s inset stove.

    bell gas fire and chesneys fireplace
    Bell gas fire and Chesney’s fireplace

    This was a project we worked with prestigious home builder William Ainley on a beautiful house in Harrogate. The gas fire is a Bell Fire made over in Holland they are a very high quality gas fire. The surround is the Chesney’s Burlington limestone fireplace. We also supplied the granite hearth and granite slips.

    multi-fuel stove and stone fireplace
    Chesney’s multi-fuel stove and stone fireplace

    This is a made to measure stone fireplace we designed with the customer and then had made locally in Yorkshire. The stove they chose was the Chesney’s 8kw multi fuel stove. We also lined the chimney with a multi fuel liner.

    cream twin wall insulated flue
    Cream twin wall flue in Wetherby

    This is a twin wall insulated flue we installed near Wetherby. We had the pipe powder coated to the customers specification.

    cream twin wall flue
    Cream Twin Wall Flue Wetherby

    This is a full shot of the twin wall insulated flue we installed near wetherby it is good to show the twin wall flue pipe can make a nice feature if you choose the colour carefully.

    wood burning stove installation
    Wood burning stove installation Leeds

    This is a wood burning stove installation in Leeds. We removed the old gas fire and knocked out the opening to reveal the original brick work then installed the new wood burning stove along with slate hearths and an oak beam.

    stovax studio 1 free standing wood burning stove
    Wood Burning Stove

    Stovax Studio 1 free standing wood burning stove on a floating steel hearth.

    cream gas stove with oak beam
    Cream Gas Stove

    Cream Gas Stove recently installed in Huddersfield on a slate hearth and an oak beam.