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Electric Fires

  • Electric stoves typically have the choice of a 1kw or 2kw heat output. The cost of running them will depend on how much you pay for electricity per kW.

    Electric fires are typically more expensive than gas stoves per kW. However, it’s important to consider that electric stoves are 100% efficient (unlike other options), they’re typically cheaper outright, and cost less in maintenance. Some electric fires will also have a no-heat setting so you can enjoy the ambience without the heat – an option you’ll only get with electric fires.

    Electric stoves are a great choice if you’re not going to be running the fire for long periods throughout the day and just need a little bit of extra heat on particularly cold nights, or when you want to enjoy being sat around a fire for a few hours.

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  • A 1-2kW electric fire can produce between 4,000 to 4,600 BTUs per hour, on average.

    Electric fireplaces dissipate heat directly into the room and emit heat at 100% efficiency, so no energy is wasted, making them far more efficient than gas or wood burning stoves. They’re a great option to help when you need a bit of extra warmth or ambience in the room. They don’t get too hot or raise the heat in the whole house.

    While most other fuel stoves generate energy by burning things, electric stoves have no real flames and nothing burning inside. This means there’s no need for a chimney or a vent, or any risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your home. The glass on an electric fireplace will never get hot to the touch, which makes them a great option for people with small children or animals.

    Find out more about our Electric Stoves and Fires.

  • Yes! It is completely safe to place an electric fireplace on virtually any flat, stable surface – as long as nothing is blocking the inlet or outlet of the stove.

    This makes electric fireplaces a great alternative to wood or gas stoves where you might worry about getting your floor dirty or be anxious about an open flame close to your carpet. Electric fires are 100% efficient, dissipating their heat directly into the room, meaning you don’t risk heating up your carpet at all. Not only are electric stoves safe for carpets, but they also won’t risk any carbon monoxide being released into your home as nothing is actually burning inside them.

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  • Yes! The efficiency and convenience of electric fireplaces makes them the perfect choice if you’re looking to have a feature wall with a TV above your fireplace. Not only will it be easy to fit all of the electricals in the wall in one go, but you’ll be also able to pick practically any wall in any room of your home (size of TV and stove permitting) as you don’t have to have a chimney to accommodate an electric fireplace.

    Walls featuring TVs with electric fireplaces below are incredible focal features for any room, drawing your attention and giving you something to enjoy sitting around any time of year (though especially on cold nights). Find out more by reading our blog – How to Get the Wall Mounted TV & Electric Fireplace of your Dreams.

  • Electric fireplaces don’t have real flames, but we’re not surprised you’re asking that question! The style and technology of electric fires makes the flames seem completely authentic which means that you get all the ambience of a traditional fire (sometimes even complete with logs), without any actual flames.

    While they’re still hot, the absence of an open flame can make them a preferable option for anyone concerned with the risks of real flames in their household (in particular, around animals or small children). Another fantastic feature is that on many electric fireplaces, you’ll have the option to just have the flame effect without any heat. This means that you can enjoy the look of a flaming fireplace all year round – even on warm nights.

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  • Perhaps we’re biased but we think electric fireplaces are incredible! They’re 100% efficient so you know that no energy is being wasted. They’re quick and easy to fit in any home, even if you don’t have a chimney and don’t want one installed.

    They’re a great option for practically any room in a home. A great feature of electric fires is that you’ll often have the option of having the flame effect on without any heat – this means you’ll be able to enjoy the ambience of a fire on any day of the year. Also, their artificial (but very real-looking) flames are a great option if you’re worried about real flames in your home.

    Find out more about our Electric Stoves and Fires.


  • The stove size you need is determined by the size of your room and the insulation of the room. The bigger the room, the bigger the stove should be to keep it warm. We recommend 1kW of heat output for every 14 cubic meters of space. Set up a free home survey to get an accurate assessment.

  • Wood burning only stoves don’t have a grate and ash pan, you simply burn the wood in the base of the stove usually on a fire brick. The stove will only have one air control due to wood only needing air from above to burn. Wood burning only stoves will often offer slightly higher efficiency than multi fuel stoves.

    Multi-fuel stoves burn both wood and coal and have both a grate and ash pan, they also always have two air controls which allows air to come from above when burning wood and up through the grate from below when burning coal.

  • Cast iron is often used in a more traditional looking stove and often has lots of detail on the front and sides. Steel stoves are usually a more modern looking option.

    The difference in how they work is as follows: cast iron takes longer to heat up but will then retain the heat for longer when the fire has died out whereas a steel stove heats up a lot quicker but then doesn’t retain the heat for a long time when the fire has died down.

  • Yes, we can now install a stove nearly anywhere with a twin wall insulated flue system. The flue system always has to finish higher than your roof and can run through bedrooms or go through to the outside and run up the wall.

  • If you look outside of your house and you see a brick or stone chimney stack then you have a chimney. For houses built after the 1960s there is a chance you could have a pre-cast flue, however these are not suitable for burning wood or coal. They are usually built into your wall and then go to a pipe in your loft. We can advise you on the type of chimney you have during our free home survey.

  • Multi-fuel and wood burning stoves are safe appliances, providing they are installed properly and the chimney is lined. Obviously, stoves get incredibly hot during use so we recommend you use gloves when handling the stove and suitable tools for breaking up coal and inserting combustible fuels.

  • Yes! We can supply any UK brand of wood burning stove. We are happy to install any stove within your home providing it is safe.

  • Gas stoves are great in their own right – if you want the look and the heat of a wood burning stove but don’t want the hassle of having to store the wood, light the fire, re-fuel the fire and clean it out, then gas stoves are for you. There are lots to choose from, please have a look at our range of gas stoves.

  • We install lots of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves in conservatories. We would always offer you a free home survey as the first step and we can then advise you on the best position and KW output for your room.

  • Stoves can last a lifetime providing they are properly cared for. In fact, we have seen stoves that are over 70 years old still being used today. We strongly recommend that you have your chimney cleaned once a year, however, and it is also good practice to clean out the stove every once in a while.

  • Yes! We offer finance on all our fireplace installations. Finance is available over a flexible term. The minimum deposit is 10% and we charge no interest over the term. To find out more about this, please contact us.

  • The amount of energy used by a gas stove will depend on what make and model you choose. It will be shown in kW – you can work out how much it will cost to run by finding out how much you pay for energy per kW and thinking about how long you’ll want to keep your gas stove on for.

    Gas stoves usually have a higher heat output than electric or wood stoves, meaning they use more energy. However, they also heat your room the fastest! This means that they’re a great option if you want to heat your room for longer periods. Gas stoves are a great choice if you like the look of wood burners but want to be able to heat your room fast and don’t want all the faff of a wood burner – like the log storage and the potential mess.

    Find out more about our Gas Fires and Gas Stoves.


  • Installation times can vary due to the difference in the work involved. Our work varies from installing a stove and liner to your existing opening which will always be completed within a day, through to a full knock-out of your chimney breast including building work and installation of stove, fireplace and flue which can take up to three days.

  • This all depends on the type of chimney you have and the condition it’s in. If your house was built before the 1970s there’s a very good chance it will need lining. We recommend you have a flue liner even if the chimney is in good condition as it is the only way you will get the best control and efficiency out of your new stove.

  • To find out if you live in a smoke controlled area please have a look at the government guidance. If you are in a smoke-controlled zone, don’t worry ,you can still burn wood – it just means you have to buy a DEFRA-approved wood burning stove and luckily we have lots of them to offer. View all our stoves here.

  • There are lots of places selling wood as multi-fuel and wood burning stoves are becoming increasingly popular. You just need to be careful that you only burn good, seasoned wood. The wood has to have been stored for a minimum of 18 months before it can be burnt. This will ensure that the wood has no moisture left in it. Alternatively, some wood suppliers kiln dry their logs, which speeds up the process. Depending on your area, we have lots of recommended wood suppliers. Just ask and we will be happy to help.

  • Yes! We offer finance on all our fireplace installations. Finance is available over a flexible term. The minimum deposit is 10% and we charge no interest over the term. To find out more about this, please contact us.

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