Chesneys Alchemy FB18 Bio Ethanol Fire and Basket

Price: £1,999.00
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5.0L Capacity with approximately 7h 30m burning time on maximum. The EFB18 fits a wide selection of Chesney’s fire baskets. The fire features a slider mechanism that allows the amount of heat being generated to be regulated. The EFB18 is available with a choice of logs or coals. It has a 5 litre fuel reservoir with a heat output of 3.5 kilowatt and burn time of approximately 7½ hours.

WHY BIOETHANOL? Sometimes it isn’t possible to install a working fire. There may be problems with the chimney or no provision for a working fireplace. A fire from Chesneys Bioethanol Collection will provide an effective solution with living flames, efficient heat output and no need for a chimney. Bioethanol fires are clean and convenient to install. Extracted from plants, the fuel is ecologically friendly and the only by-products released during burning are water vapour, CO2 and heat. Installation is simple; providing ventilation requirements are satisfied and an electricity supply is available, an ethanol fire can be installed in just about any location.

Product Details
Price: £1,999.00
Nominal Output3.5kW