Vision Trimline TL120T Tunnel

Price: £4,999.00
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The TL120t Tunnel is the largest tunnel fires in the Vision Trimline range and allows you to view the fire from two rooms at once! Perfect for a modern open plan home or a beautiful room divider. Other models available in the collection are the TL73ht and TL100t. These innovative fires are skilfully engineered to allow a truly trimless fire. Meticulous attention has been paid to the realism of the fuel bed and flame patterns which ensures the perfect recreation of a natural living fire. What’s more this fire is equipped with an innovative double burner system this feature staggers the flame pattern in two rows to give an extra sense of depth and realism, whilst offering a more economical way to use.

Product Details
Price: £4,999.00
KW Output9
Balanced FlueYes
Efficiency70% / 68%
Height815mm / 995mm
Nominal Output9.6kW / 8.3kW